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Extract from a minister’s letter in a church magazine in Ilfracombe 1982 (Anon)

A man once had a dream. He was in the stable in Bethlehem and saw the child, and asked,

“What are you doing here little one?” and the child replied,

“I’m not doing anything here, but I shall go from here soon. I shall speak parables that will haunt the world. I shall climb a hill, be lifted on a cross, and the world will not be able to forget. I shall overcome the grave. I shall establish the church. I will come again someday to reign as King. My birth in a stable is not so important. The important thing is that I shall be born into the hearts of people all around the world.”

It was never the birth in a stable that Jesus emphasised in his earthly life. He never referred to it! He is only satisfied when he has moved from the cattle shed into the living room of men’s hearts.

The heart of our faith is that at a certain hour in history God came into this world; and in the land of Palestine lived and died and rose from the dead.

Many have admired the teaching of Christ but unless the individual knows what it is to bow in adoration before that manger, then he or she can never know the inner peace and joy which comes through faith in the Son of God.

For many people Christmas begins with the Nativity Play, as children in pre-school nurseries and schools re-enact the story of Mary and Joseph, the baby Jesus, the coming of shepherds and the Wise Men, with familiar carols and catchy new songs they have been practising all term!

Some of us (though not all) will undoubtedly be attending these Christmas productions; (as a Grandmother I shall doubtless attend more than one).

We may not be putting on plays in our village churches but we shall all be singing Christmas carols and telling the story about the coming of The Christ Child, through readings and poems.

ALL the churches in The Whatborough Group are holding Christmas Carol Services and you are all most welcome to come and join us. Festive refreshments will be served after all our services.

This is a lovely way to begin the Christmas season.