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Opening of Churches for Private Prayer

A message from the Bishop of Leicester – The Rt. Rev’d Martyn Snow

Even while our church buildings have been closed, the church has still been alive and active. I am deeply grateful to the many volunteers who have regularly phoned people, helped with shopping and other practical support, organised online worship and prayed for those they know have been suffering during this pandemic. This is the heart of what the church is all about.

As our buildings re-open, we are once again reliant on volunteers to fulfil all the requirements around cleaning and other safety measures. Not all churches will be able to do this and so some will re-open sooner than others. This is completely understandable, and no one should feel under pressure to anything which might put others at risk.

My sincere hope is that our communities will work together, continuing to focus on caring for one another and praying for one another.

The Rt. Rev’d Martyn Snow,

Bishop of Leicester.

It is our hope that our local village churches will soon be able to open for private prayer.

To assist in how and when this can happen, we must address and seek to minimise the risk of spreading the Corona Virus, and this means complying with the guidance issued by the Government and the Church of England in response to the current Corona virus threat. In line with this we are currently undertaking a risk assessment, which will informed our decision whether to remain closed or to open and with what frequency.

While the building is still closed please direct prayer requests to me, Revd Jayne Lewis.  If you wish to pray, whilst the building is closed, you may wish to explore the tradition of prayer walks and further information on how to do this may be found on this link:

The reopening of the church relies heavily on our volunteers (some of whom are in the group who are vulnerable and with underlying health conditions) if you feel that you would like to be part of a team which may enable us to open or extend the hours of the church opening, then please do contact me, or your local churchwarden, we would be delighted to hear from you. Further details on how to apply as a volunteer can be found on

We will review this situation again on Tuesday 7th July, but in the meantime are grateful for your help, prayers and encouragement.

Revd Jayne Lewis

Priest-in-Charge of the Whatborough Group of Parishes

Cold Overton, Knossington, Lowesby, Owston, and Tilton on the Hill    0116 259 7244