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Sharing the Treasure

On Sunday 24th May, myself and others joined another group of parishes in their Sunday service via Zoom. There are many online forms of prayer, worship and learning emerging, as an increasing number of church leaders adopt technologies that enable them to host webinar services, or film and edit videos, posting or live streaming them for others to watch or join in with. Last Sunday happened to be a colleague’s celebration of 50 years since he was ordained into ministry in the church. He said that over the years the one thing he had felt more important than anything has been his deepening awareness of God through prayer. Not prayer that lists his needs and those of others (although this is important and often a gateway) but prayer which goes beyond this, through which he feels a connection to God ‘deep inside’, that leads to the strength needed to overcome adversity. 

Any treasure hunter will know that, if we discover buried treasure in a field, we are bound by the law of this country to declare it. So too, is every Christian bound to declare the treasure they have discovered in the transforming power of God’s love through Jesus Christ. It is this treasure that my colleague was talking of, experienced within, and yet also discovered through Scripture and glimpsed all around us in the beauty of the natural world and through the loving ways of those who love and care for us.

This time of lockdown has provided the necessity for many to seek a source of strength to see them through these times. For some our gardens have been a sanctuary, a place to experience that inner sense of peace. Our church buildings have been closed but they still point, in their outward beauty, to something greater still. 

Part of my role in lockdown has been to search for and engage with the emerging ways of declaring and sharing that treasure that we all can find if we search for it; that source of love and hope, inner strength, and life enriching sense of purpose which is individual to each of us but connects us all in community. What has struck me is how many of us are doing similar in our own different ways.

With my continued prayers for your health and well-being and the flourishing of our communities.


Revd. Jayne Lewis

0116 259 7244