St. Peter’s Parish Church

Tilton on the Hill - Leicestershire


Saturday 6th April 2013 - Project Gargoyle

Project Gargoyle is a voluntary scheme to photograph all the figurative carvings in the County's Churches and build up a database for further study. About 300 churches have figurative carvings, totalling approximately 10,000 items throughout the County. The Heritage Wardens were recording at St. Peter’s Church on 6th April and below are a selection of what they photographed. Thank you to Elizabeth Blood, Heritage Support & War Memorial Officer for supplying the photographs. Click here for more information.

Fool's head label stop

Springer in form of man's head

Label stop in form of screaming man

Capital carved with angels

Gargoyle, St Peter's Church

South elevation aisle freize

Pig's head carving

Wooden roof boss in chancel

Carved monkey

Nave roof boss

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